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Builders have left the house and are not officially working here again. There are a few problems with some of the windows and a shower screen is needed, but this can be fixed at a later date. It's been a long struggle and I thank you for following us. More photos will be uploaded soon...

p.s as THE BUILD has now finished, the webcam has been taken offline.


Builders have entered the site again after a short Easter break. The main task is to complete the shower room and add any finishing touches to the THE BUILD. The webcam is soon to be online.


The webcam is currently offline as building has paused over the Easter period. Stay tuned for more information as it happens.


Wow, it's been a while since I last did an update. After almost 200 days of work the end of THE BUILD is in sight. The biggest bedroom has been declared finished and is currently being occupied. It has been painted blue with maple flooring. It has a built-in wardrobe and a 3 step stair case.

The rest of THE BUILD has been painted white from top to bottom. A stair case has been fitted complete with a cupboard under the stairs. On the top floor the flooring had just been completed and is currently covered over with paper. The shower room has stayed the same since Christmas but work should start on it soon. The spare bedroom/office/music studio has had a magnetic fire door fitted, so in case of a fire it will shut automatically. All the windows have been fitted and we have a great view which goes on for miles.

Photos have been taken and we are waiting for an upload so stay tuned!


Snow has fallen on THE BUILD!

Click the webcam to see more...


Yesterday the roof was finally finished after months of leaks and floods. The Welsh slates look great and the lead work will last for years. Dry lining is starting to appear as the internal walls take shape. Apart from the gutters outside, it's all indoors now. We should see things moving fast now.

We have now updated the Photos section with a whole new layout and the widely requested, Next Photo and Previous Photo links.


After a few weeks with no roof tiles, we've re-used the old tiles that we took off the front of the house and put them on the new BUILD. As long as the weather holds, we should be set to put new welsh slates on the side of the house and the front. Lets hope all the tiles are in place before it snows !

The inside of the house is coming along nicely, with insulation from top to bottom and the first fix currently being fitted. We have decided to wire an intercom between three rooms (see here) and also wired THE BUILD with CAT-6 cabling and RF cabling to bring us in to the 21st century!!


Work has stopped over Christmas and New Year. But the Veluxes (windows) are now in place and only a bit more brick work is needed before we can start putting a roof on.